Our ethos on the farm is very much of ensuring that we sustainably preserve and enhance our land for future generations, whilst protecting the very special landscape and biodiversity.

We are involved in the countryside stewardship scheme which is all encompassing. It covers hedge planting, cover strips in fields to produce feed and shelter for birds, pollen and nectar mixes to encourage the vital bees, and pollinators alongside spring cropping for hares and grey partridge to name just a few.

Very excitingly we have just signed up for the government’s newest environmental scheme, ‘The Sustainable Farming Incentive’ and we will work hard to maximise its ecological benefits.


We are absolute sticklers on the farm when it comes to recycling. Anything which we can send for reuse is stored appropriately and then taken for processing. This includes everything from silage wrapping to bale twine. We are continually looking at ways of reducing our energy consumption, and are working with third parties to look at sustainable energy production.

Woodland management

We are very lucky to have a significant number of mixed woodlands on the farm. These provide a rich habitat for a wealth of bird and animal life and their management is a crucial part of daily life on the farm. These stunning woodlands provide shelter for our cattle, sheep and pigs as well as offering a huge amount of carbon capture.

Sadly, we experienced a devastating loss of trees during Storm Arwen in November 2021, resulting in the loss of entire woodlands and thousands of trees. Work has been underway since that fateful day to clear the fallen trees so that the process of regenerating and replanting these precious woodlands can begin in earnest. Thankfully the loss was not seen across all of the farm’s woods, and so we still have precious woods providing shelter and habitat.

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